The PULL STOP BOX™ from LSP Products Group has revolutionized the plumbing industry. The PULL STOP BOX™ takes the hassle out of angle stop installation by eliminating the need to stub out. Moving the angle stop into the wall provides a sleek and sophisticated finished look. The decorative knob controls the flow of water to the supply line by actuating the valve in a push/pull motion.


Since the valve is recessed in the wall and concealed behind the escutcheon, there is no ugly stub out or angle stop protruding from the wall. The finished look is clean and stylish.

The simple, intuitive push/pull action of the PULL STOP BOX™ knob starts and stops the flow of water easily. The PULL STOP BOX™ was designed with a decorative knob that cannot be removed while the valve is in the “ON” position.

The valve is installed prior to the system test, eliminating leaky compression valves. The PULL STOP BOX™ also comes with a five-year limited warranty which provides extra support and extra peace of mind.

One PULL STOP BOX™ replaces a stub out, mounting bracket, valve and escutcheon and installs in seconds not minutes.

Simply crimp, sweat or cement the inlet of the valve to the piping system and fasten the box to the wall. The valve is installed during the rough-in stage, eliminating the need to cut off the end of the stub out which prevents water leaks on newly installed floors and cabinets.

The PULL STOP BOX™ can be mounted in any direction and can even share the same stud, side-by-side with another PULL STOP BOX™. The PULL STOP BOX™ allows for back-to-back installation, so up to four can be installed on the same stud!

Removal and replacement of the brass valve can be done in under a minute with only the use of a screwdriver. Simply remove the valve block and valve, then install a new valve. It’s that easy!


*Product also available at www.HomeDepot.com


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